About Us


RFSE was founded in 1997 by the Odessa Regional Council, the Odessa Regional State Administration, the Ukrainian Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship and since that time, has carried out a large number of successful projects for various international companies and organizations.


Over the past fifteen years, the organization has moved beyond its original purpose as a business incubator and has evolved into a structure, that connects both national and international companies that want to implement a successful venture on the local and international markets.


An important milestone in the history of our company is also the development and implementation of an international network of partner organizations, which will increase the potential and the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises, enabling them to develop steadily and work successfully both in the local and international markets.


Our slogan – think globally, act locally!

RFSE provides support to entrepreneurs and investors at all stages of their projects in the Odessa region, as well as contributes to maintaining successful long-term business in the region both nationally and internationally. To assist in increasing entrepreneurial activity and in the improvement of business efficiency, in the establishment of new contacts and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our primary goal – improvement of the competitiveness of the regional economy.

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