About Black Sea WinExports


Project:  Preparing the conditions for penetration of the Black Sea Wines in the international market: “Black Sea WinExports”


Partners (countries):

Ukraine, Odessa Region, Odessa (Regional Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship in Odessa Oblast);  Moldova, Chisinau region, Chisinau (Moldovan Small Wine Producers Association);  Romania, Vrancea county, Panciu City; Bulgaria, Varna region, Varna (“Business Agency” Association); Greece, Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki (Polychoros Peirama)


Overall objectives

Broadening the cooperation among the targeted region in order to exchange knowledge and experience and by the development of innovative digital tools.

Establishment of a common brand name for the Black Sea Wines and to setup a common marketing strategy that will result a significant increase of market shares in targeted and emergent wine consumer markets


Specific objectives

1.  Review of vine production opportunities in the researched areas and defining the competitive advantage of "Black Sea Wines". 2. Creation of the Network of the "Black Sea Wine Producing Regions".

3. Common approach in promotion and marketing the "Black Sea Wines" and establishment of a common brand label.

4.  Development of an extrovert strategy for the wine sector with the support of innovative set of digital tools


Estimated results/outputs:



1. The development of the Network of the Black Sea Wine Producing Regions will be established with the intention to operate permanently as a sustainable structure that will be administered by a body that is aiming the economic development of the Black Sea Region. Such organisation that will be selected within the Joint Action life cycle could be the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). 

2. Up to 10 wine producers per partner will be selected to adopt the methodology and utilise the online platforms in order to acquire the necessary skills that will lead to growing their exports in the world wine markets.

3. Fifteen wine producing companies (3 selected companies from each partner) will participate in the process of the indicative Pilot implementation on line tools;

4. Through the establishment of the Network of the Black Sea Wine Producing Regions the highly touristic value of the wine culture will be thoroughly scrutinised and its potentials will be further extended within the context of wine tourism.

5. Each partner will be actively be part of the foreseen Network of the Black Sea Wine Producing and they will need to operate within its structure thus building new links and a sound platform of cross border cooperation for issues related to the wine making sector. 



The outputs of the ‘Black Sea WinExpo’ Joint Action in relation to the indicators that are numerically quantified in Section 8 are the following:

1. The development of the Network of the Black Sea Wine Producing Regions comprised by the 5 partners within the project life span and with the goal to expand end cover all Black Sea Wine making Regions is the foundation of cross border cooperation the proposed Joint Action will permanently create.  

2. Between 25 and 50 is the targeted number of wine making producers together with the five partners of the proposed Joint Action that will be involved in various levels in project activities.

3.The innovation promotion initiatives of the proposed joint action that are planned for entrepreneurs are the following: the participation of 15 wine producing companies (3 selected companies from each partner) in the 4 indicative Pilot implementation on line tools; the development of the Network of the Black Sea Wine Producing Regions; the participation in a world wine & tourism expo, the development of the project’s website, the development of a blueprint for the localisation of the marketing strategy, the finalisation and development of the 4 on line tools that comprise the on line platform.

4. As far as the indicator related to the number of local administrations involved in initiatives for capacity building -where in our case the capacity building will be directed to better performance of wine producers within the partners area towards effective exporting techniques targeting the rapidly developed wine consumer markets- the Panciu City (Romania) as the Lead Partner of the Joint Action will be highly involved.     

5. The development of the Network of the Black Sea Wine Producing Regions as well as the design and implementation of an online platform aiming the exchange of experience and knowledge transfer among beneficiaries within the partners area, are the fundamental structures of the proposed Joint Action that ensure the efficacy of the project’s flow of information & communication


Target gropus:

The primary target group that will play a significant and active role in the Joint Action “Black Sea WinExports” will be 15 wine producers, 3 from each  region, that each partner need to involve in project activities  following a selection phase that will evaluate their capabilities towards exporting trade and their capacity to extract valuable knowledge and experience.  In follow, the project will distribute the result to every wine producer that is willing to utilise the findings and tools that will be available within the framework of the Black Sea Wine Producers Network. 


Total duration: 24 months

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