Odessa Oblast, which distinctive feature is it’s economic-geographical position, has a great potential for an attraction of foreign investments and development of trade, economic and cultural relations.

The Regional Fund for Support of Entrepreneurship in Odessa Oblast was established directly with the aim to contribute to development of entrepreneurial support infrastructure - one of the main points, which ensures a competitiveness of the regional economy.

All activities of the Fund direct at support of entrepreneurship, which is crucial to the success of any economy, increasing capacity and competitiveness of regional enterprises. Among the objectives of our organization – to improve the investment climate in the Odessa Oblast and to increase the volume of investment in the economy of the region.


The Fund provides entrepreneurs and investors with the full range of services related to the organization and maintenance of their activities at all stages of their projects in the Odessa region.


Internet project
Project facilitating small and medium enterprises to search for new business partners and new sales markets on cross-border territories of Ukraine, Romania and Republic of Moldova with full title “Internationalization and Networking of SMEs and business support structures in the cross border area - InterNet”
Black Sea WinExports
Preparing the conditions for penetration of the Black Sea Wines in the international market: “Black Sea WinExports”



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